Chef Chris Onions Joins the Team at Trill Farm

4 Dec 2014



Chris Onions has become chef-in-residence at Trill Farm after a long journey from his home on the island of Islay. After living on the farm for a year, he has now taken over the Old Dairy Kitchen as his own enterprise. 


Chris is a classically trained chef and has worked his way through kitchens from Australia to Norway. On leaving Australia his cooking career was put on hold whilst he began to work within a social cooperative on a small farm in Sweden, offering care and training for people in need of some help. This project provided him with a new vision and vital training on how cooking and the garden can be used for rehabilitation and practical learning.


On return to the UK he took up a position as a chef and teacher on Trill’s neighbouring farm, River Cottage HQ. The time spent at HQ reinforced his beliefs in working closely with the producers using ingredients grown to the highest environmental and ethical standard. 


This ethos is something Chris intends to continue at Trill by making the best of the resources available on the farm to produce beautiful food. From Kate and Ash’s garden there is an amazing array of vegetables to play with; from Jake and the pastures comes beef and lamb of the finest quality; the woodlands provide fungi, game and forest herbs; the hedgerows overflow with edible berries and delicious green shoots. These abundant harvests will be put to good use in Chris’ capable hands.


Chris will cater for all the events and the daily meals for staff at Trill, and will shortly begin weekly suppers that celebrate the abundance of the land. He will bring a new dynamic to the educational side of the farm, offering a variety of cooking courses throughout the year using the whole farm as the classroom and larder. 


Chris also intends to offer hands-on skills for employability courses. The emphasis of this will be on seasonal and nutritious cooking for adults who are not currently in education, employment or training.


Chef Chris Onions joins the team at Trill Farm, taking over the Old Dairy Kitchen as his own enterprise.


About Trill Farm

Trill Farm is a mixed organic farm situated on 300 acres of diverse countryside of outstanding natural beauty on the Devon/Dorset border. Trill Farm, along with the small independent enterprises that reside on the farm, develop, produce and market their own products. 


Trill Farm is a project that aims to create local employment, foster a sense of community, and produce food whilst supporting wildlife. Trill Farm’s director is Romy Fraser OBE, the founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies and more recently The Trill Trust; founded in 2007 to run educational programmes on environmental and living skills. The Trust runs courses in cooking and nutrition, herbs and healing, skills and craft. For more information visit:, follow us on, or twitter @trill_farm



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