For those of you who missed Peter Harper's excellent talk here a few weeks ago... hold tight, we recorded it and will have it up here soon! The menu crafted by Daphne was a treat to the tastebuds, many said it was the best yet! Here's what you missed...


Trill Low Carbon Menu

celebrating Zero Carbon Britain with Peter Harper November 1st 2013


Mulled cider with

smoked lamb in raddichio or

fava bean houmus


Beetroot soup with sauerkraut & barley flat-breads


Mushroom & chestnut terrine with chilli jelly

Green leaves with verjus dressing

Potato baked with onions & herbs


Kerry's soft goats cheese with sea-buckthorn


Rose hip soup with cob-nut ice-cream



Most of the ingredients for the menu grew very close to the kitchen. The mulled cider was from cider pressed at Trill in 2012. The gotland sheep are kept primarily for their wool but when necessary we cull them and turn the meat into smoked lamb. Fava beans are an arable crop on the farm.


Deep crimson, sweet flavoured beetroot and the cabbage for the sauerkraut were grown by Ash & Kate in the vegetable garden, 100m away from the kitchen. The main arable crop on the farm is barley, barley flour makes very good flat-breads.


Gathered from the fields around, mushrooms and chestnuts are combined with eggs from our chickens to make a terrine. The chilli jelly was made from Trill garden chillies and wild gathered crab apples.


A wonderful array of green leaves together with potatoes, herbs & onions are grown at Trill. The green grapes for the verjus dressing were gathered from a vine growing on a neighbours house.


Kerry lives not far from Trill at Five Penny Farm and makes a labneh style cheese which we served with a paste made from wild harvested sea buckthorn


The abundant hedgerows at Trill gave us the vibrant rose hips and creamy cob nuts.