Next year we have confirmed 

Rupert Sheldrake, Ed Kosier, Sandra White & Matt Harvey to inspire us from January to April.


Watch this space for more! 



Stephen Peake, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Technology, Open University: Change & Transformation 

Phil Chandler, the Barefoot Beekeeper: What can we learn from bees? (Listen to the recording here!)

Film screening: The Symphony of the Soil

William Lana, founder of Greenfibres in Totnes: Ethical Textiles

Josie Jeffries: Seedbombing

Anne McIntyre, herbalist: Growing & Using Herbs

Godfrey Boyle, Emeritus Professor of Renewable Energy, Open Unversity & Molly Conisbee, Co-founder of Bread, Print & Roses: Limits to Growth?

Film Screening: An Ecology of Mind

Keith Critchlow: The Hidden Geometry of Flowers

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer: Ecocide (watch the recording here!)

Diane Osgood: The Stories Behind Food 

Peter Harper, Head of Innovation & Technology at The Centre for Alternative Technology: Exploring very low carbon food & Diets