Summer is here and we're busy preparing recipes, ingredients, products and packaging for our Summer Box, due out this month. It's the time everyone on the farm comes together to make a range of products using the best of the season's offerings. Daphne has been finalising the edible treats so we've all been the lucky testers for the summer cordial, barley biscuits, herb butter, BBQ salts and preserves.

Its great to be able to make the most our resources. This season we've been made our first woodland product. A gorgeous addition to the Trill Boxes.

The garlic Ash & Kate have been growing been growing for the box is doing well and should be ready to harvest and dry out a little before we send it out.

In the herb garden, the weeds need continuous attention - in an organic systems this means lots of people-power! Luckily we’ve had a fantastic team of volunteers here through the WWOOFING scheme, who have been helping out Sandie in the herb garden - weeding, harvesting and processing. We've been picking basket loads of fresh elderflower, lemon balm & blue mallow to turn into our Summer Tea blend, one of the items in our Summer Box.

Noel, the beekeeper is happy with the progress of the Trill hives. The bees have been busy in the herb garden. We've been busy extracting, filtering and jarring - this year's honey tastes fantastic!


Joe has been blending extracts and essential oils to make a summer body balm fragrance. Our skin is feeling very moisturised with all the samples to test!

We'd love to see you on the farm this summer, if you'd like to join us for a day course or our summer Cocktail Party in the courtyard. Bring on the bubbles!