Sandie travelled to Wales to learn to make traditional dipped candles from our beeswax. This is her story:


I arrived in Staunton-on-Arrow at Carrie Ede's lovely cottage 1 1/2 hrs late after getting lost twice! Carrie was already busy dipping, so after a brief cup of tea and a walk round the garden I got stuck in. 


Carrie showed me how to start the process by cutting a piece of wick the length of two candles, plus a bit to hold onto, then double it over so you have a pair. Holding it in the middle, you carefully lower it in the hot melted wax. When it is lifted back out it naturally straightens out.


We then place them over a strategically placed piece of long dowel and start again wight he next wick. When we reached 200 - the amount of candles we're making - we start the procedure again from the first wick, this time dipping them twice. You carry on like this until you reach to the desired thickness.


We knew we would not finish them all off in one day so after a short tea break I carried on while Carrie went off to her yoga session. I'm a yoga novice so decided not to go as this class sounded pretty hard core!


I finished another batch and packed up ready to start again in the morning. I woke to find the countryside in the grip of a hard frost - white and beautiful. We had a body boosting juice, some toast and some homemade blackberry jam, finishing with lovely walk along the river Arrow in the morning mist and frost.


The next couple of hours were taken up with finishing the last batch by dipping and then packing them all up to bring back home.