The food Daphne prepares in the dairy at Trill harmonises with the seasonal rhythms. 

In Spring the upward moving essence creates tiny shoots of green energy. Salads are prepared with young chickweed, yarrow and dandelion, and soups made from the glossy dark green leaves of wild garlic or cleansing and nourishing nettles. The first  green shoots of asparagus appear and we move towards the expansion and abundance of Summer, everywhere you look nature gives us a bedazzling array of colourful fruits and vegetables. 

In Autumn, fruits are gathered from the hedgerows and baskets of pumpkins, sweetcorn, leeks, onions, garlic and mushrooms are bought into the kitchen to be turned into warm fragrant dishes. The dense textured, earthy flavours of root crops nourish us during the cold, dark days of Winter.

Whatever the season much of the food will have been harvested just a stones throw away. All the food created for you to enjoy will be prepared in a way that honours traditional wisdom.