Gather edible greenery and delicate Spring flowers as we take a walk on the wildside at Trill Farm on March 19th. In the kitchen we will turn our baskets of flavours, scents and textures into delicious food.


Nettles are just appearing and are rich in minerals and vitamins A & C, iron, silica and potassium and were traditionally eaten in Spring to revitalise the body.


The green, shiny leaves of wild garlic may of pushed their way through the woodland floor along with carpets of wood sorrel.


Primroses, violets, yarrow, dandelions, mallow and chickweed may all make an appearance.


Join us and discover the earthly delights of Spring waiting to be eaten.


Workshop starts at 10.00am with wild gathering (bring wellies) then we will cook our foragings turning them into soups, breads, salads, pasta and Spring tonics. Day finishes at 3.30pm after a cup of Spring tea.