Gorse is in flower most the year, however now is the best time for picking. There are some glorious  gorse bushes at Trill, the dazzling , bright yellow flowers make a lovely wine with a hint of coconut.

Take gloves with you to harvest, the gorse bush has viscious spines!


Gorse Wine

4 pints (2.2 litres) gorse flowers

large knob of ginger finely sliced

zest of 2 lemons

juice of 2 lemons

1½ lb (680g) sugar

1 teaspoon wine yeast


Bring 5 pints of water to the boil then allow to cool. Place the flowers in a bowl and pour the cooled water over the flowers, cover with a cloth and leave for a day, stirring occasionally.  Pour into a large pan, add the ginger and lemon zest and bring to the boil, barely simmer for ½ hour, strain and stir in the sugar and lemon juice. Allow to cool then cream the yeast with some of the liquid and add to the bowl. Cover with a cloth and ferment for 2 days. Pour into a demi-john fix with an airlock and leave until all fermenting has stopped. Siphon off and bottle. Keep for at least 3 months before drinking.