A couple of months ago, Richard Toft of BREG (the Bridport Renewable Energy Group) came to Trill to set up a trial anaerobic digestion unit. We are really keen to reduce waste and close loops on the farm, and processing food waste that we can't compost ourselves on site for rat reasons (meat, bread, plate scrapings etc), seemed a good idea (we usually send this form of waste to the council for municipal composting). BREG have been doing brilliant work building & trialling AD units designed for small scale producers to use to compliment their own composting systems, and to produce a small amount of useable methane for cooking, along with liquid fertiliser.


The system has been in place for a while now but we are still working through some teething problems: gas build ups blowing lids off containers, maggots in the hot weather and a rather nasty smell (!) but hopefully we can overcome these to get the system running smoothly soon. 


We also hope in time, to be able to process waste soap from our workshop, though that will take more time and investigation to work out whether the digestate will be able to be used on crops. 


See Richard's blog on the BREG website for more details!