There’s a lot going on at Trill Farm and we sometimes get a bit bogged down in the details of the day to day tasks, of which there are many, so last year we spent some time thinking about why we’re here and what we want to achieve. We thought we’d start this Spring with some clear direction and a plan. Put simply, Trill Farm is here to inspire healthy and responsible living. To teach the skills to live sustainably now and for future generations. We run courses and events and welcome guests. Here's our latest news...


Alex is joining us in May to run the education work we do at Trill Farm. He will be coordinating courses as well as encouraging schools and youth groups to make the most of Trill in the countryside with its diverse landscape. We will be sharing our many opportunities for learning and for spending time in nature.


Welcome to Alexandra! She is running the soap workshop. We’ve had a very exciting start to the year, watch out for new fragrances and colours derived from the medicinal herbs and dyeing plants that are grown in Trill Farm’s Herb Garden.


Our beautiful bee-loving herb garden is being taken forward by Muji this year. He is a qualified Pharmacist and has spent a few years working with Herbalists in the UK and the USA. He will focus on developing the gardens and will be on hand with new herb blends and products. Muji will also be taking guests on foraging walks, inspiring them to make their own tea blends and balms.


The willow has recently been harvested. In it was found a sleeping dormouse, which has been relocated to continue hibernation. The willow is now ready for shredding and made into compost, but we’re keeping some back to plant a labyrinth. This is being done by Steve, the Trill Farm Gardener, and Goffee, who planned the design for the labyrinth at our last festival. This time it is going to be a more permanent structure in the willow field.


Watch the beautiful space under the Eucalyptus tree by the large pond at Trill Farm. This will be home to our romantic getaway retreat on the farm.

A great big thank you to our lovely Fran who has left Trill Farm this February to continue on her adventures.

Welcome to Mariel who is joining the Trill Farm team as Project Coordinator. She will be running the office and coordinating the projects.