Springtime inspires thoughts of change and new opportunities. Time to do something different, do it better, or just be hopeful and have a go as the sun starts to shine.

We can look around and see the natural world wake from winter. At Trill Farm, there is a mass of violets and primroses on the rail track. We eagerly await this year’s lambs from our new ram, Thunder, and welcome the first of the volunteers who arrive to help prepare the ground and sow the seeds as the soil gets warmer. 

It all starts in the Spring.

The spring equinox is a time of equal day and night. A natural balance in the yearly cycle of seasons is a time to reflect how to achieve this balance in our own lives, honouring who we are and at the same time being committed to making the changes.  

Our decisions make a difference.  

The ripples of impact affect the quality of our lives, our relationships and also the lives of future generations. The turning of the tide on plastics is an example of positive change being made by consumers, as we start to understand (with horror) the extent of the pollution of the seas, affecting our holidays and our own rivers and shorelines.

But producers can also be at the frontline of protecting the natural environment whilst delivering services and products that both enrich the environment, support livelihoods and build connections with the end consumer.

Trill Farm’s intention is to produce food in ways that respect the natural environment and encourage biodiversity. We have 300 acres of mixed farming; fields for arable, permanent pasture and ancient woodlands. Our bore hole ensures the reservoirs don’t run dry and solar PV panels provide around 50% of our electricity needs. 

But the big aim of Trill Farm is to provide an educational resource. We aim to teach skills for the future; for food, health, resilience or rural skills.

I would like to invite our politicians to Trill Farm to see what we think is important and how we believe we can work together to create more harmony and more balance in our world. We are not perfect but I do think we have the right intentions, and we are learning. 

Spring is our starting point; our future depends on the decisions we make now and the actions will follow.

- Romy