“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” – Rumi  

Melissa James is a singer, songwriter and performer. Melissa sings with incredible passion for her cause which she feels is to use her voice and her music to form connections with others. In 2016, the creation of her music and mental health Big Sing initiative SING4SANE led Melissa to develop workshops where she began working more closely with groups of people, leading them to sing and to explore their voices. As part of Melissa's latest #LiveAgain project we are delighted to host an immersive 2.5 day singing retreat at Trill Farm for you to find your own voice.

"There is a power to people singing together. Expression of the voice is emancipating. When we sing, we connect with our innate true being. Our voice taps at our soul, releasing blockages. Our breathing encourages this; we breathe more deeply. We give to the Earth. We sing with the birds.  In turn, we receive. We are inspired. No understanding of this process is needed. Simply allow and let go.

When we sing with others, we start from the same place. Irrespective of previous practise.  We might not have sung since school or we might sing all the time in the shower. We might have big confident voices, small voices. Regardless, we provide support for one another other using our voices, raising ourselves and raising each other. Finding one another. We relate to each other in a new way.

When we bring the group singing outdoors, we further deepen our practise as this energy within us unites with nature’s energies surrounding us. We align with Mother Nature. The end result is invigorating and life-affirming. We sing, we release, we express, we come alive."

- Melissa James

Singing from the Core takes place at Trill Farm 6th-8th November. It is also available as a non-residential course. Each day will include delicious, seasonal menus from the Old Dairy Kitchen.