As the days get shorter and the world seems darker, bringing a splash of colourful foliage to our homes is a wonderful way to get into the festive spirit. Go out for a walk with friends to forage a few materials, then get creative over a glass of mulled wine.

Our Herb Garden Co-ordinator, Fiona, took us out into the woods and gave us some tips for making winter wreaths. If you'd like some help, we will have plenty of willow and winter foliage available at the Winter Market on Saturday 30th November, so that you can make one with Fi's guidance for just £10.

1) Head out for a walk in your nearest woodlands

Don't forget to take some secateurs, a basket, and some gloves.

2) Take cuttings of leaves and berries that catch your eye.

You won't need much for each wreath, so leave plenty for the birds.

3) Keep an eye out for pine cones

Pine cones, twigs covered in lichen or even feathers and wool can make a great addition to a wreath.

4) Gather some willow

You'll need two or three long, straight willow wands per wreath. If you don't have access to willow, you could use wire, or an embroidery hoop.

5) Lay out all your materials

You should have some foliage, berries, pine cones, secateurs, gardener's twine or wire, ribbon, and either willow or a ready made hoop.

6) Make a willow hoop

Warm up and start gently bending your willow by pulling it across your shin. Start with as big a hoop as possible (wrap the thin end over the thick end), then pull them gently together to tighten the hoop, stopping at the size you want (and before you snap the willow!) Wrap the ends in by twisting them over each other. Add another piece of willow into the hoop, then trim the ends.

7) Lay out and attach your foliage

Play around with what looks good where. We like to use a mix of leaves up one side, with a small bunch of berries and a pine cone at the base. Attach them with gardener's twine or wire.

8) Use a ribbon to hang your wreath to make the finishing touches

The foliage will hang differently when it is vertical on a door, and you'll be able to look at it from afar to gain perspective.

9) Enjoy showing off your wreath!

You can make your wreath last longer by using mostly coniferous or evergreen foliage, and spraying lightly with water (if it's not out in the rain!) Remember you can keep and re-use your willow hoop time and time again.

Remember, you can come and have a go at making your own wreath with Trill Farm willow and foliage at our Winter Market on Saturday 30th November - hope to see you there.