Pure raw juices have a great healing power: they quickly make available all of the valuable elements of the fruit or vegetable. If you feel tired or jaded they help to revitalise your energy.
They do this by giving the digestive system a rest. They aid the body in destroying dead and diseased cells and help to give your body a kind of spring clean. Once you have a juicer they are simple to make and delicious to drink. Fruits are highly eliminative by nature, especially citrus fruits; vegetables have a milder cleansing action on the body and are extremely restorative.

APPLE: Apple juice is a great cleanser: it purifies the blood and is helpful to the skin and liver. It is also a good general tonic. Juice and drink at once. Rich in Vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus. 

BEETROOT: A great juice to improve the blood. A good general tonic. The minerals in beetroot juice make it an excellent liver, kidney and gall bladder cleanser. Contains potassium, iron, sodium and manganese. Juice the leaves as well, as they are particularly rich in manganese. Start by mixing 4 oz (110g) of beetroot with 12 oz (350g) carrot juice until you have become used to it.

CELERY: Especially calming for those with nervous disorders. Rich in organic sodium chloride. Half carrot juice and half celery juice makes a particularly well balanced mineral drink. 

FENNEL: Very good for indigestion as it is an alkalising food. 

GARLIC: Has a beneficial effect on the lymph system aiding the removal of toxins from the body. It is a valuable cleanser of the mucus membranes. Excellent for colds, flu and intestinal disorders. 

GRAPES: Grapes have a very powerful cleansing action and help to stimulate metabolism. Excellent for ridding the body of excess uric acid. 

LEMON: Has a powerful alkaline effect on the body. Full of Vitamin C. Powerful against bacteria. 

CABBAGE: Excellent juice for constipation. May cause flatulence as the juice will break down putrefying matter in the intestines. Rather strong tasting on its own. 

CARROT: Everyone’s favourite juice. Rich in carotene, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, with a good supply of iron, magnesium and manganese. The juice helps fight infection and calms the nervous system, it promotes vitality and a sense of well being. It makes the ideal mixer for other vegetable juices.

PARSLEY: A very potent herb. Mix 2 teaspoons with 1/2 pint (275ml) carrot juice. Used as a general stimulant. 

NETTLE: Cleansing, nourishing, revitalising. Nettle juice is one of the most beneficial juices for the entire digestive system and all of the eliminative organs. Very rich in minerals. 

WATERCRESS: A good juice for intestinal cleansing. The juice is extremely bitter: only use a little in combination with other juices. 


By juicing you are concentrating both nutrients and any chemicals that may be present. We advise you to only use organic fruit and vegetables for this reason. 

Daphne Lambert is an award winning chef, author and founding member and CEO of Greencuisine Trust. She is an expert in the field of health and nutrition. Daphne’s new book ‘Living Food - a feast for soil & soul’ is out soon. See www.greencuisine.org for more details.