Spring - and life is visibly burgeoning forth into buds, bursting out in blossom and gamboling gleefully in fields in the form of lambs.

The first leaves of ransoms are stretching up through the leaf litter on the woodland floor, enticing foragers and culinary types alike out into the springtime larder. The stark, winter branches and brambles of Blackthorn are disappearing behind clouds of exuberant white petals which beckon forth the bees. 

Bumbles, unseemingly fuzzy fliers, tirelessly travel from one rosemary flower to the next before heading off noisly to some neighbouring patch. 

Soon day and night will meet in equal measure for that brief window of time we call equinox. It is a time for spring cleanses; tonics made from early nettle and cleavers, wild garlic and glee. A great sense of breathing out arises - but don't get swept off your feet!! - this is a fabulous time of year to find some stillness and be present to the wonders that are unfolding before us. 

Choose a spot out in it all, sit down in it often, open all your senses, and invite some wonder in. Spring is, after all, a festive unfolding of life in all its myriad manifestations. 

Jonathan Code is a gardener, teacher, researcher and author, and Director of the Crossfields Institute International. He teaches our new plant-based retreat and the Art of Soap Making courses here at Trill Farm.