As spring comes, we welcome more and more visitors to the farm, on courses, for lunches and suppers, and to the Stables, our ecologically renovated guest house.

The foraged flowers in the rooms become more diverse and colourful as the spring progresses, and the breakfasts more varied with the produce available, although we continue to make use of all that we preserved in the summer and autumn to see us through the impending ‘hungry gap’.

Our preserved fruits from the farm and hedgerows are served with oats and yogurt from our local organic dairy. Chris keeps us well stocked with fresh sourdough from the Old Dairy Kitchen, to go with our homemade jams and summer honey from our hives. Our small flock of chickens lay more eggs, to serve with kale from the garden, or to bake in to our signature herb frittata.

Despite the warmer, sunny days, there is a definite chill in the air after sunset. The wood burner remains well stocked with firewood chopped by Rich and Jon from fallen trees in our woods. There are plenty of our Gotland wool blankets to wrap up in, and the underfloor heating provided by a ground source heat pump keeps everyone toasty until we can fling open the windows again to allow in the warm spring sunshine and sound of the birds.

Although the reservoirs are full after a winter of rain, ready to supply us with spring water throughout the year, the footpaths and tracks slowly start to dry out, making exploring the surrounding fields and woods a (slightly) less muddy experience…!

We hope to welcome you to the farm soon, and hope you enjoy your stay.

Mariel manages the farm office, guest house and shop, and looks after Romy’s flock of Gotland sheep, amongst other things.