This spring, mead-making is coming to Trill Farm.

I am Thomas O’Hagan, a mead maker and beekeeper who started making mead due to the scarcity of decent real mead at home in Ireland. If I wanted some good quality sweet refreshment, I was going to have to make it myself.

I’m excited to join Trill Farm and become part of this wonderful community, helping people to live a lifestyle more in touch with nature and the gifts it provides.

At Trill, I will be sustainably producing fine authentic meads, working with the best efforts of our noble honey bees. I want to teach people the somewhat forgotten art of mead making, to encourage this wonderful tradition back into our kitchens.

Come the summer, keep an eye out for mead making days and Trill Farm’s Kilnasaggart Mead, a pyment mead made in the style of a refreshing white wine, using raw honey mixed with grapes to produce a clean mead with delicate honey flavours. It is named after an early mead- making monastery in the valley where I developed the recipe.

So currently, O’Hagan’s Meadery at Trill is a maze of plumbing, planning and organising but we do have a little wild yeast honey ferment on the go for mead students to taste later in the year.

Thomas launched O’Hagan’s Meadery in 2017, and won three stars for his mead in the 2018 Great Taste Awards.