Preserving the Harvest

2 Oct 2019 | 0 comments

This Autumn we’re thinking about preserving, in all its aspects. As I write, Daphne is preparing the living nutrition course and this weekend we’ll be gathering the fruits to make preserves for the winter. As well as the sourdough rye bread that we make, we can take home these jars and bottles to enjoy when the fruits are no longer around in the hedgerows.

At the farm we are also bottling, freezing and putting into store many of the vegetables and fruits of the farm, hoping they turn into something delicious and nutritious to enjoy eating when there is very little growing outside.

Preserving is fun; it feels good to do, and there’s a sense that you’re preparing but don’t know what for. But I also know it is at a time of transition: moving on. So much better to move on at the right time, when there’s been some preparation. Meeting the times ahead when we don’t know what to expect can be daunting. I’m definitely hopeful for the future even though it seems impossible at times. But I reckon Trill Farm is a good example of hope: healthy food, healthy soil and a community that understands the importance of passing on the information and skills we might all need. Even preserving.

- Romy