Celebrating the Best of Trill Farm

5 Oct 2017 | 0 comments

Trill Farm Winter Hamper

With the changing seasons we never quite know what to expect, but one thing for sure is that we are preparing our most wonderful hamper yet.

Trill Farm is home to a group of producers who work together with a mutual respect for each other and the land. We are creating a community by encouraging diversity - in the land, the wildlife and agriculture, the people and the activities. It is our future that we want to share, and our products aim to reflect this.

There are seven weeks to go and counting. Some products are still in the ground, some are already made, some are being crafted and some are still being formulated. This is how it works at Trill Farm - the plan is set but nature dictates much of the process. We only create a limited number of boxes because we believe this is how we get the best quality from our land.

Our farmers and craftspeople are here because we share the same values. We grow, harvest, forage, design, craft, cook and create within the growing capacity of the fields, hedgerows and woods. What the land provides each season determines what is made. Each product reflects the coming together of our enterprises; using their skills and passions, and the produce from our beautiful land to create a unique gift.

After some careful thought and a lot of consultation the hamper will contain the following products.

  • Winter soap - made by Rich in the Trill Soap workshop
  • Nourishing facial oil - made by Trill Farm herbs
  • Winter body oil - made by Trill Farm herbs
  • Winter tea - made by Trill Farm herbs
  • Hedgerow mixer - made by Daphne Lambert
  • Chocolate covered plums - made by Daphne Lambert
  • Blackberry, fig, port & thyme preserve - made by Daphne Lambert
  • Fennel & sea salt crackers - made by Chris The Old Dairy Kitchen
  • Wooden cheese board - crafted by Ruth in the Wood Workshop
  • Tomato seeds - grown by Ash and Kate in Trill Farm Garden
  • Ceramic pot with bay scented candle - ceramics made by Graham Newing and Romy Fraser, filled with Trill beeswax blended into beautiful candles by Sandie
  • Four botanical cocktail recipe cards - recipes by Daphne Lambert and Illustrations by Louise Throp

Over the coming weeks we’re going to share a little about the life of the products before they leave the farm, the people who make them, the skills they have and the challenges they face.

Spring on the Farm

1 Apr 2017 | 0 comments

There are signs of Spring all around us. Daffodils, snow drops and crocuses bring colour to the landscape and the first shoots of wild garlic are appearing. The days are getting noticeably longer and warmer and there is a certain feeling in the air, as if the farm is poised, ready to jump into life.

Spring is a busy time at Trill. Our Wednesday volunteer days begin again this week, along with weekly farm lunches prepared by Chris in The Old Dairy Kitchen. Pruning of the pear and apple orchards is almost complete; we're hoping for a good crop as well as a warm spring for pollination. The lambing season starts this week too; good weather is very important for the survival rates of the lambs, so it's a tense time!

Meanwhile, in the office we're finishing off the exciting schedule of courses and events that we hope will inspire you to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. There's something for everyone, no matter what your skill level or (lack of) experience. Our Spring Family Camp in May promises to be our best yet, so if you are looking to switch off, reconnect with your family, and enjoy some outdoor fun, book up now!