Inside the Winter Hamper: Trill Tomato Seeds

3 Nov 2017 | 0 comments

Trill Tomato Seeds are part of the Trill Winter Hamper

Ash and Kate run the Trill Farm Garden. They have a 2.5 acre plot at Trill Farm where they grow salad and vegetables. They harvest around three tonnes of salad a year, growing over 80 different varieties of leaf and flower for the mix. The tomato seeds in our Winter Hamper were selected from the plants at Trill Farm. Here’s a few words from Ash...


Being growers, and myself a son of growers, tomatoes have always been a luxury to us only available in the summer months. This is rather unusual in an age where everything is accessible to us whenever we want it, including tomatoes in the depths of winter. They are a true symbol of summer and something we always look forward to, from sowing the seed in February, to pricking out the plants in March and planting them in April. As the plants grow and we handle them more, the smell is very evocative, and takes me back to being a child and walking through the large glasshouses of tomatoes that my parents grew.

Tomatoes are also one of those crops that vary greatly in flavour, shape and colour and there are still a huge number of different varieties available to grow. However, some are becoming rarer, and since hybridisation of seed in the early part of the 20th century they have succumbed to the fate of many other seed varieties which are not seen to be commercial varieties and therefore not worth registering and saving. This is where small growers who are interested in diversity can step in and keep some of these old varieties alive by selecting the best plants each year and saving seed from them. Diversity is key to resilience as a grower, and the more different crops that we can grow and different varieties within those crops, the greater our resilience is to failures caused by weather, pests and diseases.

The seeds in the winter hamper have been selected from plants at Trill Farm.

Trill Farm Winter hamper is now available to pre-order from our online shop.