Inside the Winter Hamper: The Trill Farm Herb Garden

1 Nov 2017 | 0 comments

Trill Farm Winter Tea

We made a plan, planted the seeds, tended the plants, harvested, macerated and dried the herbs ready to be used in a range of botanical products. This year has been a good year. Our herb garden has been beautiful and bountiful, from the beds of yarrow and meadowsweet to blue mallow and marigolds, we pick our herbs, choosing the best for the herb dryer.

Trill teas are seasonal. An easy word to use, but we mean it. Each herb we use in the winter tea, is blended to support the body’s ability to protect itself against colds and flu when the warmth of the sun is absent. Watch as the herbs unfold when boiling water is added. A delicious tea to soothe, delight and nourish. It contains bay leaves, hawthorn tops and berries, mulberries, dried apples, mallow flowers and leaves and rosehips.

The Trill Farm Herb Garden is one of the many businesses at Trill Farm. The garden is tended by Bryony and a changing group of willing and wonderful volunteers. We run a volunteer day every Wednesday if you’d like to brush up on your gardening skills and learn about the herbs we grow.

Trill Farm Winter Tea is part of our Winter Hamper, available now to pre-order from our our online shop.