We have been at Trill Farm for 10 years. The aim was, and still is, for the land to be productive. We want food to be produced in ways that respect and encourage the biodiversity of the natural environment.

Trill farm encompasses many of the varied features of the Devon landscape, from streams and woodlands, ancient barrows and small pasture fields all the way up to Trinity beacon, a scheduled archaeological site that includes a few hectares of flat peatland.

At this time of our land history there are many decisions being made about how to use the land for our future. Not just for us living, working and earning a living at Trill Farm, there are wider implications. With Britain leaving the EU and the uncertainty that that creates, we and all the neighbouring farmers are wondering what’s next and how to plan. We may be talking about our separate lives, but we are also the custodians of the natural landscape, producers of fresh local and healthy food, promoters of rural skills; we are part of our local communities.

With all these uncertainties, maybe there are opportunities too. At Trill Farm there are eight small independent businesses, committed to mutual support. We collaborate and share resources. We are committed to farming and enterprise that uses the land but also replenishes the soil and the health of the countryside.

Global issues like pollution, industrialisation, education, inequality and climate change feel like huge questions with complex answers. We’re confident that real change can come about when small communities do things differently. Our aim is to create a living, working environment for the common good and health of our community, which we believe could become a much broader model for the future of the countryside. Perhaps our greatest potential for growth and harmony comes from small scale collaboration.

Romy lives and works at Trill Farm which she purchased in 2007 following the sale of Neal's Yard Remedies which she founded in 1981. She is working to create an education centre to inspire healthy responsible living now and for the future.