The Trill Farm chopping boards are made from sweet chestnut and ash, two trees that grow in abundance in our woodlands. No trees were chopped down for these boards, we’ve exclusively made use of windfalls, pulled from the woods either by tractor or horse. We cut it into planks and store in the barn to air-dry for three years, where it dries by roughly an inch per year.

Sweet chestnut was known as poor man’s oak back in the 1700s when the true oaks (known as King’s oak) was reserved for ship building. It has a similar colour to oak, containing tannins that make it durable, and has an almost knot free grain. Ash, on the other hand, has a stunning variety of grain, giving each board a highly individual look.

When Ruth gets an order she goes to the wood store in the barn and looks through the farm's range of timber: ash, sweet chestnut, oak, douglas fir, larch, spruce. Once the wood is chosen it is planed to the correct thickness in the woodwork shop. Each piece of wood is assessed for it’s particular qualities, either working with the waney edge (where the bark of the tree was) or finding square edges that can be used and shaped, after which the corners, the hole and the finishing happens.

75-100 years to grow and then it fell and lay in the woods for a while.
1 day to pull the fallen tree out of the wood, either by tractor or horse.
1 or 2 days to cut it into planks and store it.
3 years of drying in the barn 1 day to cut, shape and oil it.

    The Trill Farm chopping board is available as part of our Winter hamper available from from our online shop.