We make soap because it’s something we all need.

Our soap making business was set up at Trill eight years ago. When Romy sold Neal’s Yard Remedies to establish an organic educational centre at Trill Farm the soap business moved with her. This was an opportunity, not just to make money to contribute to the costs of the farm, but also to create an educational model; a soap business is an excellent example of a responsible small enterprise that provides training for people all over the world interested in creating a small simple business.

Today the soap workshop runs classes in soap making as well as making good use of the botanical ingredients cultivated in our herb gardens and growing wild in our fields and hedgerows. We harness the properties of these natural ingredients by infusing them in oils and alcohols, which are then used as ingredients in our creams, balms, soaps and body oils. Our workshop has recently been through a period of change and we’ve just taken on a new soap maker called Alex, so the future is looking good.

Our Winter Soap includes ingredients from the herb garden:

Nettle: Harvested in spring and early summer, the properties of the nettles are extracted into sunflower oil through gentle heating. Nettles are very versatile, and great for the skin and hair.

Comfrey: Harvested in the summer, this is dried before macerating in sunflower oil over gentle heat. It’s a herb that traditionally helps with stiffness and muscular problems. It also gives the soap it’s great green colour.

A little bit of history

When Romy created Neal’s Yard Remedies in 1981 (36 years ago!) she wanted everything to be as natural and health-giving as possible, but when it came to making soaps this was a tricky one. With a house in France surrounded by olive groves and lavender bushes, it seemed mad to ship all the oils back to the UK to turn into soap. With disappearing employment in the foothills of the Larzac, Romy asked two local young women to make soap for Neal’s Yard Remedies. After an awful lot of trials, the lavender soap was born, shipped to London and distributed across the country.

The Winter Soap is part of our Winter Hamper, available now to pre-order from our our online shop.