The kitchen has awoken from its winter slumber; the stocks are bubbling gently, we’ve sharpened our knives and the first shoots of the spring season are creeping onto our chopping boards.

It’s the time to refresh our palettes and get tasting again. The new season inspires me to get creative with new recipes and techniques, but my focus at the moment is working out how to get more people involved and excited about eating and cooking with us. 

The act of gathering around a stove of some sort, a large dining table or a picnic blanket on the grass is all too often taken for granted. It’s in these circumstances that arguments are settled, friendships formed, announcements made and bellies filled. Last year, I felt we got closer to creating a community focussed business, a warm restaurant and an inquisitive, welcoming kitchen open to all. It’s so important that we create more of these places for people to meet, eat, share, roam freely, discuss and discover their local landscapes, food producers and cultures. 

This year sees some exciting new happenings in the Old Dairy Kitchen. Our popular monthly Feast events will now take place on the first Friday of the month – keep an eye on the Old Dairy Kitchen website calendar for exciting collaborations and Feast themes as they are announced. We’ll be welcoming new faces around the kitchen’s oak bench to discuss, learn, feel inspired and share some great food on our cookery courses. Alongside our weekly Wednesday and Saturday Farm Lunches, this year we’ll be launching our new fortnightly Sunday Lunches, and are looking forward to sharing our not-so-traditional offering of the classic Sunday roast.

We hope to see you all soon to share some food and stories with us this spring. 

Chris Onions runs the Old Dairy Kitchen. He caters for all our events, courses and farm lunches, hosts monthly feast nights, and teaches his own range of courses.