Basic Home DIY

Basic Home DIY

With Alison Winfield-Chislett & Ruth Thomson

Friday 4th September

9.30am - 4.30pm

Learn the basics of Do-It-Yourself at this one-day workshop with DIY author Alison Winfield-Chislett from The Goodlife Centre and Trill Farm carpentry tutor Ruth Thomson.

Perfect for beginners for all those annoying jobs around the house that you feel you should be able to tackle... if only you knew how. We know it's frustrating to wait for jobs to be done, and how much tradespeople can charge for them! And we understand it can be a bit daunting to head for a wall with a power drill.

This is an enjoyable hands on workshop that covers many of the common aspects of basic DIY. If you have just bought your home and have realised it didn’t include a landlord to fix stuff, or just don't want to rely on someone else - this day is for you. There is plenty of time to practice a range of tasks over the day.

Pick up the skills to:

    • Hang curtains, blinds and simple shelves on any wall.
    • Learn to drill into wood, brick or hollow walls with confidence. We will show you how to judge what is behind the walls before you drill.
    • Hang pictures and heavier objects like mirrors, cupboards and flat screen TVs.
    • Fill small and medium holes in wood and walls to prepare your surfaces for painting. 
    • Remove old wall fixings and what to do with the ones you can’t.


You will learn by hanging a simple hook, fixing a baton and then putting up a pair of simple shelf brackets. Learn how to select the correct drill bit, wall fixing and screw to secure things confidently. 


There will be plenty of tools to try and advice on which ones to have in a basic toolkit. If you are thinking of buying a drill, you can test all of the ones we use to help you decide which one you want to buy.


This course is especially suitable if you're not handy, or if you are able but not very confident about tackling small but important tasks in your home. We will also suggest how to tell if a task is appropriate for DIY or GSI (Get Someone In).


You will take home a set of skills that will last a lifetime. All tools and materials included. Perfect for beginners.


Alison Winfield-Chislett is the co author of ‘The Girls guide to DIY’, and founder of The Goodlife Centre in Waterloo, London. The Centre runs practical workshops in DIY, woodwork and upholstery.