Join Chris Onions in The Old Dairy Kitchen for a seasonal day of preserving.

This course will teach you the techniques and skills to extend your bounty and stock your shelves all year round. Each season will have a clear theme from which you will base your recipes, but you will also enjoy some of Old Dairy Kitchen's own preserves as part of lunch and tastings.

March will a focus on dairy. You will learn how to make fresh cheese, halloumi and learn more about milk cultures.

August will focus on preserving using oil, vinegar and smoke. You'll cover hot and cold smoking, pickles and condiments to compliment barbecue season, and vegetable preserving to make the most of the mid-Summer harvest.

October will focus on preparing for the Winter, the challenges we face when cooking local ingredients later in the year and how to keep our menus both healthy and creative throughout the darker months. You'll look at lactic fermentation, and make our own sauerkraut or kimchi and taste a range of fermented products, before making a seasonal chutney, jelly and bottling the last of the season's fruit.

You can come to any of the courses individually, or come to all three for a full experience of the joys of preserving. 


2020 dates
Sunday 22 March - Dairy
Friday 21 August - Oil, vinegar & smoke
Friday 16 October - Lactic fermentation and the winter larder

Course times: 9:30am to 4:00pm

Course cost: £115 per person
£300 per person for all three dates

Includes all ingredients and a delicious seasonal lunch.

To book please visit The Old Dairy Kitchen website here.

PLEASE NOTE that courses in the ODK are currently postponed until it is safe to be cooking, talking and sharing in close proximity again.