This one day course is designed to offer participants a wide perspective on the theory and practice of beekeeping. It is aimed at those who feel that they may be interested in taking further steps towards becoming a beekeeper.

We will discuss the natural history of honeybees, their social organisation and the way that bees work and communicate with the hive mind. We will look at an outline of the year’s work for the beekeeper and what you can expect to happen with your hive. We will consider the range and cost of the major items of beekeeping equipment – the tools of the trade - and the relative merits of the various designs of beehive.

If conditions are right we will view our observation hive and open up the brood box and see what is happening. (You will be able to use our protective equipment but do bring a bee suit if you have one and wear trousers!) We will also look at the products of beekeeping: honey, wax, pollen and propolis.

Julian Barnard has hives at Trill and in Herefordshire where he has kept bees for the past 35 years.


Course times: 10am - 4.30pm.
Includes a seasonal organic lunch.