The role of women and young people in tackling extremism and violence in Pakistan

In a place where lives are shattered by violence and militants rule the streets, one woman took it upon herself to stand up for women’s rights and challenge the power of the Taliban. Flying from her home in Pakistan Gulalai will talk first-hand about her experiences.

Gulalai was just 16 when she co-founded innovative local organisation, Aware Girls, in Pakistan. Driven by a passion to challenge a culture of intolerance and extremism, Gulalai began running workshops in her home town to provide women with leadership skills to challenge oppression and fight for their rights to an education and equal opportunities.

Based in Peshawar, north-west Pakistan, Aware Girls has grown into an internationally renowned organisation that since 2002 has trained, empowered and inspired hundreds of youth in Pakistan. Nobel peace prize winner and victim of the Taliban’s bullets, Malala Yousafzai, was among one of the earliest members.

Last year, with the support of international NGO Peace Direct, Gulalai and her team helped over 1,300 young people in Pakistan to challenge extremism. Despite threats against her own life, Gulalai next plans to expand her work into neighbouring Afghanistan.

A winner of the 2009 Youth Action Net Fellowship, the 2014 International Humanist Award, the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Award for Asia and the 2016 Chirac Prize for Con ict Prevention, Gulalai was named as one of Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers in 2013 and has been featured by the BBC, Guardian, Huffington Post and more.

This event is being organised by Peace Direct in collaboration with Aware Girls.

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Photo credit: Dania Ali/Stars Foundation/Aware Girls.


Event times: 6pm for a 6.30 start.