“There is so much more to soap making then learning to make a bar of soap”. Romy Fraser


This course will inspire both the soap-making beginner as well as those who want to dive deeper into this fascinating craft. We start from ‘first principles’ and explore the origins of soap making – the processes and first materials used to make soap. Our journey will then lead us into the plant-world, as we explore the properties of plants and essential oils for enhancing soap. Practicing the art and science of soap making will also lead us to consider important themes relating to the environment, the history of both soap and science, the possibilities (and potential pitfalls) of design and product development, and the many creative avenues opened up by this craft.

Soap making – you will find – is about learning to make a good bar of soap – and so much more!

    Some of the topics we will cover in this workshop include:
    • The basic chemistry of soap making
    • An overview of traditional soap making, including the use of tallow and potash
    • Gathering plants from the garden for soap making
    • Creating Victorian washballs
    • Essential oil distillation
    • The properties of essential oils and which to choose 
    • Infused oils for soap making
    • Cold process soap making
    • Speciality methods in soap making such as marbling and milk soaps.

    You will leave with a collection of your own soaps and the knowledge and skills to carry on crafting soap at home. You will also receive a booklet that describes the process so you have a handy reference guide for all the tips and tricks.


    Course Leader - Jonathan Code

    Jonathan Code is a lecturer with the Crossfields Institute International. Jonathan developed soap making as an educational workshop while working at Ruskin Mill College - a land-based FE college in Gloucestershire. Over the last twenty years he has taught this fascinating craft to college students and teachers, in public workshops both nationally and internationally, and in the context of professional development for staff in a number of organisations.


    Course times 9.30am - 4.30pm
    Includes a delicious organic lunch every day

    This is a non-residential course, please contact us if you would like to organise accommodation in our eco-guesthouse.