Sunday 1st May

5.15am for a 5.30am start, until 8.00am

In celebration of International Dawn Chorus Day 2016, join us to walk around our diverse habitats to listen to one of nature's most beautiful soundscapes, the dawn chorus.

In the Spring, with warming weather and longer days, birds find their voice as they seek territory and mates at daybreak. What may appear to be an cacophonous orchestra to the untrained ear can actually be an intricate and timed symphony, with larger birds such as thrushes and blackbirds starting off some time before the dawn, followed by smaller birds such as wrens and warblers joining later as they warm up.

Even if you can't see the birds singing, identifying the species can be done from their songs if you know what to listen for.

The walk will be led by Chris Holland, a nature connection expert and keen birdwatcher and bird listener, who will guide you around our land and the birdsong you are hearing.

After the walk there will be tea and refreshments to help warm you up after the early start.

We will be walking in low light on rough ground, please wear warm clothes and appropriate footwear.

This event is suitable for all ages but children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Under 4’s go free - please let us know when booking.