This will be a practical, hands-on course.

The morning session will be out in the orchard, where Tom will cover and demonstrate the basic principles of fruit tree pruning. Course participants will have the chance to prune the trees in the orchard, with assistance and guidance from Tom.

The afternoon session will be focused on learning bench/whip and tongue grafting. This is the practice used for propagating apple trees in the dormant season. You will be shown how to collect propagation material and how to safely make the correct cuts for successful grafts. There will be 3x MM106 rootstocks provided in the course fee and more rootstocks will be available for sale if required. A number of apple varieties will be available to use for propagation material but please bring your own cuttings if you wish.

Some tools will be available but if you have any, please bring secateurs, pruning saw, Stanley knife or similar (sharp blade), gloves, polythene bag for transporting grafted trees.


Course Leader - Tom Nancarrow

Tom Nancarrow runs Adam's Apples, a fruit tree nursery based in East Devon, growing over 200 varieties of bare-root fruit trees. He also provides orchard and fruit tree pruning services and advice under his company Pip and Stone Fruit Tree Services.


Course times: 10am - 4pm.
Includes a delicious seasonal & organic lunch.