Thursday 5th February 2015

9.30am - 4pm 


Citrus fruits are at their best in January and February and the last frosty weeks of winter are the perfect time to be tucked up inside a warm, steamy kitchen to make marmalade. Trill Farm is offering a one-day course in February to learn the basic techniques of traditional marmalade making.


This small and practical course will primarily embrace working with the unique Seville (marmalade orange) and will cover two different methods of making marmalade. Learners will be guided through all the steps and skills needed to become a budding marmalade-maker including which equipment to use, the choice of fruits, how to prepare them, which types of sugar to use, jars, lids, potting up and sealing. Most importantly learners will discover how to make marmalade just how they like it.


With marmalade and zesty things still in mind, the day will also include making a piquant savoury onion marmalade and how to make Preserved Lemons.


The day includes an organic lunch, and at least four jars of self made marmalade.