With Lei Zhou An, William and Matthew Rooney.

Friday 16th October
2.30pm - 4.30pm


A stroll around the fields, hedges and woods of Trill to search out all sorts of natural delights - flora, fauna and fungi which will illuminate and surprise.

One of the key things we will look at is how to identify the poisonous and the main edible mushrooms.  

We will learn all about what we find, what use they have today and how they have been used historically.


Lei Zhou An is an acupuncturist and herbalist (Chinese herbs) practising in London with 31 years of experience in natural health and traditional Chinese medicine. 


William and Matthew Rooney founded Gourmet Mushrooms (UK) in 1995 which has developed into the first biodynamic Demeter certified mushroom farm in Europe. They produce a range of exotic mushrooms for restaurants and markets in London. Their unique ability is finding fungi in the wild and cultivating them. Over the years they have accumulated an indigenous collection of fungi to protect them as the habitat and ecology of our woodlands changes.