Preparing and Cooking Game

Preparing and Cooking Game

Thursday 20th October

10am - 4pm

Autumn is the time for cooking game at Trill. The farm is home to a host of wild creatures both large and small. As an important part of maintaining the natural balance on the farm, a few animals are expertly culled and delivered to the kitchen each year.

Come join chef Chris Onions in the Old Dairy kitchen and immerse yourself in a seasonal day of game. You’ll start the day by learning the basic skills of preparing small game such as pheasant and rabbit. This will include skinning and gutting, plucking and jointing. We will then work together to prepare ourselves a delicious two-course lunch using our prepared meat.

During the afternoon session we will turn our attention to larger game. You will help Chris to butcher a whole deer, discussing the various cuts and cooking methods before making some game sausages to take home.