These plant-retreats take us on a journey into the seasonal life of the plants growing in Trill Farm's fields, forests and meadows. We will be engaging our hands, heads and hearts in a deepening of our understanding of the plant world while also learning practical ways for bringing plants into our lives for enhanced health and wellbeing. This journey into the plant world is informed by artistic, contemplative and creative activities as well as by Jonathan's many years of study, work and research in holistic science and natural philosophy. Come join us on this journey meeting the remarkable plants that make Trill Farm their home.

March 9, 10 - Spring time! We will delve into the processes of growth and becoming that are the signature of this time of year. Our hands-on sessions will have a focus on tonics, teas and topicals.

May 18, 19 - Summer stirrings! As the year progresses we will begin to follow the maturation of the plants as they move closer to the mid-season: essential oil distillation, infusions, essences and more.

Sept 28,29 - 
As the summer turns to autumn, and the beech trees already begin to get tipped with yellow, it is an excellent time to visit the plant world and to harvest some of the fruits from the summer just gone by. By 'fruits' we should include not just the juicy apples and the ripening rosehips, but also the aromatic essences that have matured in the warmth of July and August.

We will delve into the realm of essential oils - we will distil oils from several plants and explore ways that essential oils and aromatic waters can carry the warmth of summer through the winter and into the spring! 

Dec 14,15 - Cusp of Midwinter! The plants withdraw into seed, root and rhizome. We will continue our journey into the winter months making herbal preparations, wreaths and remedies for this time of renewal.

Suitable for adults with a wish to reconnect with the land in its changes through all the seasons and the weather that this brings. A large part of the time will be spent exploring outdoors regardless of the weather conditions, bring sturdy boots (wellies are best), appropriate clothing and an open and reflective mindset. Please bring a notepad and writing materials and a camera if you would like.


Course Leader - Jonathan Code

Jonathan is the Director of, and lecturer with, Crossfields Institute International. His interest in plants reaches back to his childhood spent in the Canadian Shield country of Ontario, Canada. His approach to the study and engagement with plants integrates science, art and 'natural philosophy' and is rooted in experiential and creative ways of knowing. A sensitive engagement with the plant world has been a doorway for Jonathan into re-enlivening our connection with the natural world, to developing holistic approaches to science, and to exploring creative possibilities for health and wellbeing. Jonathan is a gardener, teacher, researcher and author. His book Muck and Mind: Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture is published by Lindisfarne Press (2014).


Course times: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Includes a delicious organic lunch both days.

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This is a non-residential course. Please contact us if you would like to organise accommodation in our eco-guesthouse for the weekend.