Seeds of Change


A weekend of discovery on a Seeds of Change course


Gareth Edwards & Daphne Lambert


Friday 13th – Sunday 15th November 


A whole weekend with award winning healing foods medicinal chef and the UK's leading alkaline nutrition expert learning how to achieve optimum health and vitality. This enlightening weekend takes place nestled in a Devon valley on Trill Farm and gives you a unique opportunity to explore your health. The weekend includes individual live & dry blood analysis and diet overview, how to eat more alkanising foods, lots of presentations, demonstrations and conversations plus brilliant food prepared from seasonal ingredients, morning yoga & time to relax in the beautiful environment.


"I came away on the Sunday evening feeling enthused, excited, and with so much knowledge that I can carry forward and apply in a very real way to my life. These are tools for LIFE. I feel so fortunate to have “stumbled” across this course on a google search."


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