with Janet Snowdon

Thursday 15th October

9.30am - 3pm


Homoeopathy is a safe, effective and simple way to treat acute ailments and injuries such as those which occur frequently during childhood. On the course you will be given a basic understanding of the philosophy behind prescribing and how to use some of the common remedies. By the end of the day you will feel confident to treat everyday illnesses and injuries especially those that befall children. In order to deepen your understanding of Homoeopathy and to demonstrate how the therapy works on a profound level to alleviate chronic illness, we will show a video of a consultation with a patient. 



JANET SNOWDON originally studied Sociology and Anthropology at university and came across Homoeopathy in the mid seventies. Following several years spent studying the subject in depth, she has been practising now for over thirty years. For the last twenty five years she has taught in colleges and on seminars in Britain, Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In 1995 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to go to South Africa to study traditional medicine and ascertain any links it might have with Homoeopathy. She returned with a plant used by the sangomas, to make a new remedy for the profession. "Homoeopathy never fails to excite me and I enjoy working with my patients more and more as each year passes.