In 2014, the Trill Trust is launching a unique educational programme for young adults: the Trill Trust Youth Fellowship programme. This will be a year-long residential programme based at Trill Farm, combining study of contemporary social, environmental and political issues with a very practical, hands-on education, and an immersive encounter with the natural world.


The aim is to enable Fellows to understand the conditions for healthy and sustainable social and ecological systems, such that they are able to make choices and take actions that can inspire personal change, and change for sustainability in their community.The Trill Trust Fellows will explore, with the support of highly qualified educators, the key issues and challenges that will shape the course of the 21st century. They will also contribute to the various enterprises based at the farm, learning practical skills in organic production, helping with the Trust’s educational work, discovering and applying the principles of sustainable design, and developing their own projects. Through this experience, Fellows will develop an excellent understanding of healthy and resilient social and ecological systems. They will have the chance to work alongside highly skilled people, and to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the farm, the Trust, and the local community.


We think there is not another integrative education programme like this available in the UK, providing the same mix of academic and practical, experiential learning. We are confident that participants will take away from their fellowship year an amazing set of experiences, some highly valuable practical and intellectual skills, and a better understanding of themselves and their future vocation.


The Trust will first run a pilot programme in the Spring 2014. This will be a shorter version of the fellowship scheme, and participants will be very much involved in the development of the curriculum. The full scheme will begin in Autumn 2014.


If you would like further information, including about dates, costs and the application process – including visiting Trill Farm, please contact