Delivering a Seasonal Celebration of the Organic and Wild Offerings of our Land.

A quarterly delivery of unique Trill Farm products

Wednesday 26 March, 2014


Today Trill Farm launches its Trill Seasons box scheme, offering a unique collection of seasonal products made from organic, wild harvested and natural ingredients from the land at Trill Farm.

The first box of the seasonal scheme, The Trill Spring Box is packed with a varied collection of products, including;

Health & Beauty - spring soap, skin salve and salt body conditioner made with wild-crafted spring herbs including cleavers and nettles, renowned for their cleansing properties, along with aromatic herbs harvested in the Trill herb garden.

Foods including a fresh herb pesto, kimchi, spring herb mix, spring barley cake, spring tea, and more must-have goods like organic barley and cider vinegar.

Home & Garden including hand thrown stoneware egg cups and knitted egg cosies, along with recipes, seeds and other treats to remind you of the abundance of spring and bring the countryside colours to your homes.

For those who want to connect with the rhythm of the seasons, Trill Seasons boxes will be delivered to its subscribers four times a year in spring, summer, autumn and winter; offering a celebration of the organic and wild offerings of our land, created using minimal processing and packaging.

Romy Fraser, Director of Trill Farm says “The majority of Trill Seasons Box products are unique to the box, and the number of boxes created will not exceed what the farm is able to produce in each season. It’s a chance for us to produce high-quality products based on what’s abundant right now, and share them with people who are passionate about what we do here at Trill.”

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Price: £75 per box / Annual Subscription: Become a Friend of Trill and receive four seasonal boxes, plus 20% off Trill courses and invitations to seasonal events for £300.



Trill is an organic farm situated on 300 acres of diverse countryside of outstanding natural beauty on the Devon/Dorset border. Trill Farm, along with the small independent enterprises that reside on the farm, develop, produce and market their own products. Trill Farm is a project that aims to create local employment, foster a sense of community, and produce food whilst supporting wildlife. Trill Farm’s director is Romy Fraser OBE, the founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies and more recently The Trill Trust; founded in 2007 to run educational programmes on building environmental and living skills. The Farm’s land is accessible to visitors on courses, staying in the guesthouse or campsite, or walking the footpaths. For more information visit:, follow us on, @trill_farm


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Artichoke Kimchi: Made with Jerusalem artichokes from our vegetable garden, and flavoured with the traditional pungent spices of kimchi - chilli, garlic and ginger. Kimchi is a fermented relish that is particularly beneficial to aid digestion. It is fantastic eaten as a spicy accompaniment to all sorts of main dishes. 


Wild Herb Pesto: Made from the vibrant green shoots of Spring, including wild garlic, nettles and cleavers. These cleansing herbs are hand picked from the fields, woodlands and hedgerows of Trill, and combined with roasted cobnuts and sunflower seeds to give a wonderful wild flavour.


Trill Barley Fruit Cake: A light, moist fruitcake made with Trill Barley Flour and Black Roc eggs. Barley is a super-nutritious food and can be used in traditional baking to make fantastic cakes and biscuits. It is also low in gluten - many people who have in intolerance to wheat find they can eat barley happily.


Apple Cider Vinegar: Made alongside our cider batches from local apples, and pressed at our annual Halloween parties, the juice is transformed by adding a vinegar ‘mother’ to the oak barrel. It is aged overwinter and ready in the Spring. A fantastic product for use in cooking and salads, or use as an alkalising health drink by adding a spoonful to hot water.


Spring Tea: A light, herbal blend to help to start a year of good intentions. Gently cleansing and delicious. This tea is prepared with cowslips and hand picked herbs including nettle, mint and cleavers grown at Trill, making the most of the season’s natural taste and goodness. We love to watch the dried leaves and flowers unfold as it steeps in boiling water. 


Barley Grain: A flavourful, versatile and highly nutritious grain, that deserves to once again become an everyday food staple - as it was in Britain in the Middle Ages. There are many wonderful ways to eat barley.  We often use it in the same way as rice - as a ‘risotto’, in a salad, or to stuff vegetables.


Spring Herb Mix: Hand picked and prepared in our herb drying room. This blend of zesty spring herbs is fantastic cooked with barley to make a delicious barley ‘risotto’.



Spring Woodland Soap: Trill Soaps are hand made with organic oils and herbal extracts harvested from our herb garden, meadows and hedgerows. Packaged in sustainably sourced, screen-printed wooden boxes, they are ideal for travelling and re-use. Our soaps are palm-oil free, won’t dry out the skin and are gentle enough to use on the face. The Spring woodland soap has a crisp and sweetly invigorating aroma from Douglas Fir essential oil, known for its soothing and muscle easing properties. 


Spring Sea Salt Body Conditioner with Coconut and Cleavers: Richly moisturising coconut, shea butter, rosehip and honey are combined with cleansing Cornish sea salt, cleavers herb and the fresh, citrus tang of petitgrain to leave the skin soft, smooth and deeply nourished. Apply to damp skin, then rinse off and pat dry. A perfect conditioning treatment to refresh and brighten the skin after the winter months.


Self Heal Salve: A soothing salve for dry skin and chapped lips, containing wild harvested extracts of self heal, calendula and nettle. This balm has a base of organic beeswax and shea butter, and is scented with lavender essential oil.



Egg Cups: a pair of egg cups hand thrown, glazed and fired at Trill’s new pottery. Use in the morning for breakfast or fill with beautiful Spring posies.


Egg Cosies: Knitted egg cosies to keep your eggs warm. Our flock of friendly Gotlands provide us with gorgeous grey fleece for knitting and weaving, stunning sheepskins, and lean, well-flavoured meat. The animals spend all their lives outdoors, ranging on the permanent pastures of Trill. 


Marigold Seeds: Brighten up your garden or window ledge with easy to grow marigolds. These seeds were harvested last year from our herb garden. Sow them in pots or the ground in a sunny spot anytime in spring or summer for an uplifting orange display. Marigold petals are edible and are beautiful in salads or can be infused to make a soothing tea.


Bean Seeds: Three magic beans to try in your garden. These are all drying varieties so you will be able to store the beans and use them through the year in soups, stews and dahls. Remember to save some seed to plant again next year.


Canvas Bag: Printed with a Trill Egg design, these cotton carrier bags are organic, fair trade, and produced in a carbon neutral factory.