The Trill Farm Garden

Kate and Ashley have been at Trill running the vegetable garden since 2010, and are staying following the sale of the farm in November 2020. 

Ash studied horticulture at Reading University and after going down the route of historical garden design and working in ornamental gardens, he realised that he would rather grow vegetables!

The garden is about 2.5 acres and includes several large poly-tunnels which house tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines and the like in the summer, and is used for salad growing through the winter. We use traditional organic principles such as crop rotation and green manuring. We harvest around 3.5 tonnes of salad a year, growing over 80 different varieties of leaf and flowers for the mix. We also produce seed, co-ordinated by Ellen.

We run a two-year traineeship and employ a couple of seasonal workers to help with salad picking. 

Most of our produce is usually sold to local restaurants and cafes within 5-10 miles of the farm, but when covid-19 restrictions came into force, we quickly turned around our cropping and business plans to produce veg boxes for the local community.

To order, or for more information, please visit the Trill Farm Garden site or contact Kate and Ashley directly: