A well-structured and systematic course for those who want to reinforce their basic skills in oils or to move onto oils having previously used acrylics or water-based media. Most of the painting for this course will be done outside in different locations around Trill Farm. Students learn to see colour, shape and tone and relate all these elements together in various compositions. This course aims to foster self-confidence and enjoyment of painting in a stimulating environment.

On this course you will explore:
▪ How to lay out a basic palette
▪ Working with a limited tonal palette
▪ Handling paint
▪ Laying down a tonal ground
▪ Drawing out and under-painting
▪ Glazing and paint mediums
▪ Understanding colour and mixing
▪ Understanding composition
▪ How to take a painting to completion

By the end of this course you will understand how to use oil paints, be confident and able to undertake a painting alone, as well as return with a number of completed pieces to work from.

This course is best suited to those who want to reinforce their basic skills in oils and have started exploring using them and/or to move onto oils having previously used acrylics or water-based media.  

Please bring appropriate clothing for the British weather as we will be outside for the majority of the day, (weather permitting), wellies are preferable to boots as some areas of the farm can become very muddy. It is advisable to bring a camping stool or something to sit on too.

Please bring your own paints and brushes if you own them, if not, don't worry Sophie will be selling a beginners paint kit on the day.  Easels, canvass, turpentine etc will be provided on the course. 



Course Leader: Sophie Berger - BA Hons Fine Art, MA Fine Art

Sophie is a practicing fine artist with work in galleries throughout the UK and abroad, she is a regular teacher for the short courses at Plymouth College of Art, Exeter Phoenix and Kigbeare Studios. Sophie’s work is greatly affected by colour and atmosphere, both of which change due to weather and seasons, so observation of the environment and surroundings influence her work both directly as well as subconsciously. Living in a remote village on Dartmoor, Sophie spends her time on the moors or coastline, sketching in charcoal and coloured ink then using these to influence her oil paintings back in her studio.


Course times: 9.30am - 5pm each day

Includes a delicious seasonal organic lunch everyday.

This is a non-residential course, please contact us if you would like to arrange accommodation.