Learn to tan the natural, ancient way. Using tree barks and natural oils, tan a sheepskin.  We will go through the whole process from raw sheepskin to soft tanned rug.
The course will take you through scraping and preparing the skin then making and applying a bark solution to tan the skin, and finally softening with oil.


The process requires a certain degree of fitness, but mostly what you need is to be willing to get stuck in.

Course Leader - Jessie Watson Brown

Jessie is on a path of rewilding, reconnecting, reskilling and remembering. Weaving together a deep reskilling through making and crafting using natural materials, with immersing herself in the natural world and learning the ways of our ancestors.

Jessie lives simply on a Dartmoor farm and works as a hide tanner and wilderness skills instructor.


Course times:
Friday 2pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am- 6pm

Includes a delicious organic & seasonal lunch Saturday & Sunday.

This is a non-residential course. Please contact us if you would like to book accommodation in our eco-guesthouse or campsite.