Feasts take place throughout the year at the Old Dairy Kitchen and give Chris Onions and the team a chance to showcase the varied and exciting flavours that the farm and local small-scale producers have to offer.

The evening starts with some snacks and a seasonal tipple, then moves on to a succession of tasting plates, with some shared by the whole table.

With a focus on the irresistible vegetables grown locally, the offering also includes sustainably caught seafood, meat from the Farm, and of course, something sweet to top it all off.



Ocean Feast
Join us and honour the coast. Finding beauty where land meets sea, with ingredients foraged from the shoreline and the winning combination of the garden's harvest and some special seafood from local day boats.

Friday 15 June, 7pm
£35 per person

To book please email Chris at chris@olddairykitchen.co.uk
Or call 079999 23089.