Learn how to eat for optimum fertility with nutritionist and medicinal chef, Daphne Lambert. 

Enjoy a relaxing day at Trill discovering the specific foods needed for successful conception. 

Daphne will share over 30 years of medicinal-based nutritional knowledge and experience so that you gain a good understanding of what foods will support your journey into parenthood.

During the course you will gain an understanding of the carbs and proteins that work for you and learn about the right fats for hormone function. 

You will look at the minerals iron, zinc & selenium also vitamins D, E, C, B6, B12 & folic acid and how they impact fertility and explore the foods that promote energy & vitality.

You will also learn about the foods to avoid because they reduce fertility.

You will prepare and share a nutrient dense, vitality packed lunch from seasonal, organic produce.

This course is suitable for women and men. Ideal for couples to attend together. 

About the tutor:

Daphne Lambert, a medicinal chef & nutritionist  has cooked, studied, taught & written about food all her adult life. For 30 years, she was the co-owner & chef of a multi award winning organic restaurant on the Welsh borders.

She has run a nutritional consultancy practice for 25 years working with organisations and individuals looking at ways to nourish well being.

Daphne is the founding member and educator within the charity Greencuisine Trust. Through workshops, projects, events and consultancy the Trust brings alive the connections between the health & vitality of people, communities and the whole living planet.


Course times: 10am - 4pm.
Includes a delicious organic lunch.