Dates: NEW! Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, this course will now take place on Saturday 8th August. If you have already booked a place on the June or September dates, Ellen will be in touch with you directly.

Join the Trill Farm Garden team to learn about the techniques and benefits of saving your own seeds.

We will look at the basics of seed saving in the context of a market garden. We will focus on how to fit seed production into an established market garden (or allotment) and what you need to know to produce good quality seed from a variety of crops.

We will look at processing dry seeded crops as well as supports required for seed production. We will also look at processing wet seeded crops and planning the garden to allow for seed production alongside food production.

This unique introductory course is funded by the UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty Programme which aims to increase production and availability of locally grown open pollinated seed. We aim to support all growers (professional and amateur) to save seed so get in touch with Ellen to find out about training opportunities and events for home growers.

For booking and more information on the Seed Sovereignty training programme, please contact Ellen -

Course Leaders

Ashley Wheeler

Ashley has run Trill Farm Garden with his partner Kate for the last 9 years. Brought up on an organic smallholding, he learnt a huge amount from his parents who ran a box scheme in the 1990's. After his Horticulture degree at Reading University, he and Kate came across the opportunity at Trill Farm to rent 2.5 acres to run their own market gardening business. They now sell salad and other vegetables and herbs to around 15 different restaurants, cafes and caterers almost all within 5 miles of the farm.

Ellen Rignell

Ellen is a grower and seed producer at Trill Farm Garden. She coordinates seed production in the market garden for on farm use and for sale to seed companies such as the Real Seed Catalogue. She is the South West regional coordinator for the UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty programme, developing grower networks as well as seed production training and mentoring opportunities. She studied Plant Sciences at Sheffield University, specialising in soil health and minimum tillage. She then went on to work in agricultural plant pathology before moving to the South West to get back to the land and has been there ever since!


Contact Ellen to join the waiting list or to find out when new courses are planned.

£20 per person

Course dates: 8th August
Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the planned June and September dates have been combined to one new date - Saturday 8th August. If you have already booked a place on the previous courses, Ellen will be in touch with you directly.

Course times: 9:30am - 4:30pm.
Please note that lunch is not included, but may be provided from the Old Dairy Kitchen for an additional £10.

Contact Ellen Rignell directly for more information and booking: