We feel truly rooted to Trill Farm. We cook the vegetables that grow here, we respect the meat from livestock raised here and we thrive off the energy that each guest brings here. With this course, we dig a little deeper and will be using natural resources found on the Farm to cook and enhance.

Inspired by nature, we’ll be using our favourite ingredients and cooking them using salt, wax, leaves and clay crusts, over beds of hay and chestnuts to bring a new dimension to the flavours of the Farm. With recipes like beets cooked in clay, lamb roasted with hay and even some sweet recipes, we’ll explore and enjoy creative dishes using methods you might not have tried at home.

July’s course date will have a distinctly summery edge, focusing on the most primal cooking technique - over fire.


Using materials found at the Farm and sourced from nature, we'll explore cooking in clay, hay, wax, seaweed, leaves and salt, as well as over fire. Each element will bring a new dimension to the recipe and we'll reconnect with the earth to make the most seasonal, delicious dishes possible.

2020 dates
Saturday 29 February
Friday 24 July

Course times: 9:30am to 4pm

Cost: £115 per person including all ingredients and a delicious seasonal lunch.

To book, please visit The Old Dairy Kitchen website here.

PLEASE NOTE that courses in the ODK are currently postponed until it is safe to be cooking, talking and sharing in close proximity again.