Simple Recipes for Eating Outdoors

Daphne Lambert & Romy Fraser

Preface to a good picnic

I have always loved a good picnic. I find it is a great time to eat outside in a random fashion, creating your own adventure, rather than sitting down to a meal at home. I admit that this idea is best without the possibility of rain, but even then, the sense of achievement in sheltering from the elements and tucking into some delicious treats when you are feeling ravenous is always a moment to remember and share.

Picnics are shared moments: laughing over sand in the sandwiches, racing for a
frisbee in the park, relaxing on the cliff top looking back at your long haul up to the
top. Unpacking the food is the moment we have been waiting for. And ‘sharing’ can include anyone. Picnics have a way of turning the walking group, your best friends, a group of teenagers, uncles and aunts into a friendly sharing time together. You are part of a new family for those moments when you sit together staring at the view and eating what’s on offer, or maybe sitting around in the park or at a festival enjoying each other’s stories, company and what’s around you.

I can set off for a walk with a map, a thermos of tea and a bundle of wrapped up
sandwiches. Something exciting and unknown, my own adventure: I have a sense of freedom and the ability to survive. That’s what picnics are for. I don’t need to head for the nearest café. I can keep to the track through the woods, follow the map or just find a place to rest in the park and delight in being in nature. Just me on my own or just me and my dog.

Planned picnics are something special. For the last few years on Boxing Day, my family with the new members and old, put together a whole collection of delicious
savouries and fruit rivalling the tastes of the dinner the day before and we head off to the beach. Free from complications, we delight in skimming stones, chatting, staring at the sea and the skies. There’s something important about being able to experience the horizon. Especially in winter, but summer too. A chance to connect with the seasons of nature or people, through food.



Preparation for your picnic

Breads, Crisps & Pancakes

Dips & Pâtés



Cakes & Energy Balls