Speaker: Dr Oliver Robinson

Talk Title -  Keeping open to the Great Mystery; Why much lies beyond the province of science. 

Be prepared to go on a journey into the evidence for a Great Mystery that lies beyond the physical world and beyond our waking reality. Over the past hundred years, a curious hubris has entered science. The idea that it may provide a “theory of everything” - a total explanation for life and the universe - has become prevalent. Yet, this is a gross distortion of what science was devised to do. It was never meant to provide a complete account of reality, but rather to provide robust knowledge about the observable portion of reality that is amenable to its methods; the measurable, external, replicable, immanent aspect of reality. The developers of science such as Bacon, Newton and Galileo were explicit that it leaves much out, and indeed is powerful precisely because it is so selective in what it studies. Yet, slowly Western culture has forgotten this important fact, and any questioning of core scientific theories has become seen as heretical.

I will argue in this talk that there is glaring evidence all around us and within us, for a Great Mystery that lies beyond science. The Dakota tribe have a lovely word for this Great Mystery – the “Wakan Tanka”. I will discuss some of the evidence for it, including: (1) the mystery of consciousness and subjective awareness, the nature of which continues to utterly elude the grasp of materialist science; (2) the conundrum of how it is that natural laws and physical constants seem to govern the natural world, and where these come from; (3) the fascinating nature of DNA and how it reproduces itself with the help a set of enzyme-based mini-machines; (4) the mathematical patterns in nature that have no scientific or rational explanation; (5) the mystical and visionary experiences that are becoming more common in the general population; and (6) the way in which the practice of deep contemplation divulges very different yet complementary truths to those of science.


About the speaker

Dr Oliver Robinson in Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich and also writes on topics that sit at the intersection of science, philosophy and spirituality, including his recent book Paths Between Head and Heart. His website is www.oliverrobinson.info


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